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Dec 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
cities walk off the job today in an effort to push for higher wages. nbc's katy tur at one of those rallies in brooklyn, new york. she filed this report during the protests this morning. >> reporter: here outside of this wendy's in brooklyn, about 100 people have shown up. they've completely blocked the entrance trying to disrupt the lunchtime rush, not allowing pretty much anything inside. their goal is to get workers inside these companies like wendy's, inside these fast food joints to come out during their shifts. i'm not sure that's happened. it's been kind of hard to see whether or not anyone's been able to come out. that's really the goal across the country is really to disrupt this service. they've been chanting things like "we can't survive on 7.25." they're sea saying the minimum wage isn't enough for them to live. it's not enough for them to feed themselves or their families, not enough for them to clothe their families. they're saying a living wage, a fair living wage would be $15 an hour. of course, these are the second protests in just a few months. there was a major pr
Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
it up. this has exploded on the internet. heidi klum, katie couric, a nice way to offset. all we talk about are retail sales. nice to talk about giving. >> what a great idea. >> move to something that is totally unrelated and not charitable at all a new ferrari, the most expensive ever? >> it's giving of a sort. if you want to give to yourself. the most expensive, powerful ferrari built. la ferrari. $1.4 million. the ceo of north american ferrari was on this morning saying that if you bought the last super car they made, which was the enzo, in 2002, for $650,000, you would have more than doubled your money. he's saying this car is an investment. this could actually appreciate -- and a hybrid. >> and a hybrid. 40% more fuel efficient. this is sold out. they've sold all 499 models they're going to make. >> thank you very much. to phil lebeau for quick breaking news. >> tyler, the research firm auto data haskell clatsed the november sales number and the sales pace last month came in at 16.4 million vehicles. that was much higher than most on wall street were expecting and to put that in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2